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News & Work in Progress

The biggest news at GW Basses is the final release of my new HRV Bolt Neck series of basses! I'm very excited about finally getting all the details worked out with this new line of basses, including my own line of custom wound "HRV" humbucking and quad coil pickups for them as well. They have been coming along very nicely and very well recieved! I'm working on a custom design for a 4 string HRV Bolt Neck for myself, and will be producing two others with the same design as part of a 3 basses limited series. Watch for this limited 3 bass series this summer!

The rest of this page will be dedicated to updates of basses and other work being done in the shop. I'll be providing updates on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see what how the basses are coming along.

Comissioned Basses in Progress

These are some of the basses that have been ordered that I am currently working on for customers.

SC-1, 6 String, Standard Series for Joe M. - 22 May All Done and Shipped!
  • Zebrawood, purpleheart and flame maple neck
  • Macassar Ebony Fingerboard
  • Walnut body wings and headstock Special Edition, 5 String for Scott aka "Bass Panther"
  • 35" Scale, Stabilized Macassar Ebony Fingerboard
  • Wenge, Maple and Padauk neck with Walnut body
  • Custom "BP" inlay at 5th fret
DC-1, 5 String, Standard Series for Charlie C.
  • Wenge, Purpleheart and Birdseye Maple neck
  • Macassar Ebony fingerboard
  • Black Limba body and headstock
DC-1, 4 string, Standard Series for Russ K.
  • Wenge, Maple and Padauk neck
  • 34" Scale Macassar Ebony Fingerboard
  • Walnut Body, Black Hardware
SC-1, 6 String, Signature Series for Ben G.
  • Black Ebony topset
  • Nordstrand pickups
  • 35" scale Stabilized Birdseye Maple fingerboard
DC-1, 6 String, Custom Series for Mark S.
  • Spalted Eastern Rock Maple topset and headstock overlay
  • Walnut body wings and headstock
  • Matching Stabilized Spalted Eastern Rock Maple fingerboard
DC-1, 4 String 34" Scale, Custom Series for Scott B.
  • Spalted Flame Maple topset
  • Walnut neck with Maple Stringers
  • Swamp Ash body wings


Basses for Sale and Non-Comissioned Basses in Progress

These are basses that I am building that I am not for any particular customer. I'm always buying wood, especially any figured topsets that I find that I like. Every now and then I'll try putting together different pieces of wood until I find a combination I like, taking into consideration the overall timbre and tone the woods will lend to the overall sound of the bass as well as the visual effect of the differents woods as well. When I hit upon a combination I like I'll usually start building a bass with it. Some of those basses are either eventually sold through one of my sponsored players or a bass dealer, or I'll put them for sale here on this page.

Here are the non-commissioned basses I'm currently working on that are available for purchase direct from GW Basses. Some of the options, finish, inlays, hardware color or other details can be changed to suit you depending on where I am in the build process, so if you see something you like but might want a few small changes made, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Completed GW Basses Available

DC-2B HRV, 5 String, Custom Series
  • Wenge and Flame Maple Neck
  • Rare Birdseye Zebrawood Top over Poplar Body
  • Stabilized Macassar Ebony Fingerboard with Paua Abalone dot inlays

In Progress GW Basses Available

DC-2B HRV 6 String, Classic Series
  • Black Limba body with Black Burst finish
  • 5 piece neck, Flame Maple center, Wenge stringers and Walnut Outers
  • Flame Purpleheart Fingerbboard
DC-2B HRV, 4 String, Classic Series
  • Ash Body with tortoise binding
  • 5 piec neck, Walnut center, Wenge stringers and Maple outers
  • Rosewood fingerboard with tortoise binding
DC-2B HRV, 6 String, Custom Series
  • Walnut body with Spalted Maple topset
  • 5 piece neck, Flame Maple center, Wenge Stringers and Zebrawood Outers
  • Stabilized Macassar Ebony fingerboard
  • Clear gloss with Whiteburst edge on body
DC-1, 5 String, Custom Series
  • 9 Piece Neck, Flame Maple, Wenge, Australian Blackwood and Birdseye Maple
  • Copper colored Quilted Maple Topset over lightweight Swamp Ash body wings
  • Satin Gold Hipshot hardware

Used Basses for Sale

Every now and then I have a used bass for sale. Sometimes I get one in on trade, or I may find a great deal on a used bass and pick it up, it might be a broken or neglected "project" bass that I'll fix up and sell, or just maybe I've got too many and am looking to thin the herd a bit.


##MODEL, # of STRINGS, SERIES (ie: DC-1 4 String, Signature Series)
  • ## SPEC 1 ##
  • ## SPEC 2 ##
  • ## SPEC 3 ##
##MODEL, # of STRINGS, SERIES (ie: DC-1 4 String, Signature Series)
  • ## SPEC 1 ##
  • ## SPEC 2 ##
  • ## SPEC 3 ##

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