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Bookmatched and Figured Topsets

Claro Walnut Set 1 image
Claro Walnut Topset 1

Wild Maple
Nice "Wild Maple"
set, which has some quilt, flame, and burl figuring in it
Crotch Cherry
A nice Crotch
Cherry set
Flamed Walnut
Flamed Walnut set
with nice colors
Quilted Maple
Very nice Quilted
Maple Set
Spalted Curly Rock Maple and Fingerboard set
Spalted Curly Rock Maple and matching stabilized fingerboard
Dark Spalted Maple
Dark Spalted Maple
Flamed Maple
Nice Flamed Maple topset

Flamed Oak, uncut
Flamed Oak, great colors with a nice golden hue!
Leopard Wood, uncut
Beautiful Leopard
wood bookmatched topset
Spalted Beech set 1
Beautiful Spalted
Beech, I love the freckles in it!
Spalted Beech set 2
Another gorgeous Spalted Beech set

Buckey Burl set 3
Buckeye Burl set 3

Claro Walnut topset 2
Crotch Walnut topset 2

Camphor Burl topset
Camphor Burl Topset

Figured Myrtle topset
Figured Myrtle topset

Tiger Myrtle Topset
Tiger Myrtle Topset

Buckeye Burl topset 2
Buckeey Burl Topset 2



06 March: Coming soon... have lotsa pictures to process

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