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  New Figured Walnut Topset for an Elrick

The owner of this bass contacted me about putting a new figured topset on his Elrick. It was his favorite bass, but he had found himself looking at new basses with figured topsets, but thought why not dress up mine rather than buying a new bass? We talked over the options and wood choices and came up with this:

  • Shave approxiametely 5/16" off of the top of the body and replace with a bookmatched flamed walnut topset and a blood wood accent layer
  • Thin Walnut accent layer on front of headstock to match
  • Hand rubbed oil and wax finish (bass originally had a rubbed oil finish)

And here we go!

These retops are always easier on a bolt neck bass or guitar!

The bass before the "face lift"


New topset on, final sanding taking place

New headstock veneer is on and ready for final sanding

The first coat of oil is on

And the body all finished and waxed


And the headstock all finished, starting to put the parts back on

And here it is after the new face lift!

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